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Ginger Farm

Ginger is a flowering plant which is one of the most famous spices in the world. Ginger is a well-known commodity due to its many uses in the pharmaceutical, beverage, cosmetics, food and other industries. Industry Experts say the Nigerian ginger is highly regarded in the international market for its quality and highly medicinal value. Specifically, its aroma, pungency, high oil and Oleoresin content are other distinct features of ginger products from Nigeria.

In 2019, world production of ginger was 4.08 million metrics tons according to data from and Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), led by India with 43.81% of the world total production with 1.79 million metric tons produced. Globally, Nigeria has the 2nd largest production share of about 16.94% and is projected to keep growing at 6% per annum followed by China with 14.24%. Every year, Nigeria averages a production volume of over 400,000 Metric tons of Ginger across the 36 states. In 2019, Nigeria had a production volume of about 691,240 metric tons. In 2017, a production volume of about 349,895 and it was higher in 2016 with 522,096 metric tons.

In the Nigerian market, ginger is not only popular, it is a very high demand crop commodity. Generally, ginger is usually exported in the fresh form, the dried form and the processed form which is the powdered ginger.  On the international market, a tonne of ginger generates between 6,000 and 7,000 dollars. In Nigeria, that price stands at $ 3,500. Around 90% of Nigeria’s ginger production is exported which makes Nigeria the third highest exporter of the crop globally. Exports of Nigerian ginger grew with 5.6% per year from 2014, reaching over 42.5 million USD in exported value in 2017. Main export destinations are diverse and include African, Middle-Eastern and European markets.

The global ginger market is worth $3 billion and expected to reach $4.8 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 5.4%. This presents an opportunity for Nigeria to earn foreign exchange as the country explores opportunities to grow its non-oil exports opportunities as the demand for Nigerian Ginger is high especially in Europe and the United States due to the high medicinal value of Nigerian Ginger.

The huge export potentials of Ginger present profitable investment opportunities for investors looking to grow their wealth with secure investment with high returns.

Investors can partner with Oxford International Group in the production and trading of Ginger and earn high returns.

Pepper Farm

The fact that pepper is a major spice used in foods makes it an essential commodity across the country & the world. There is hardly a complete meal without use of at least one variety of pepper. Domestic demand for pepper has increased over time, as decline in production persists, which has resulted in perennial scarcity.

This development has drastically affected quantity of pepper being exported, as Nigeria continues to lose foreign exchange that should have accrued from the pepper value-chain. This signifies that there is need for increase in the supply of pepper to make up for the increase in the domestic demand and to also give room for export.

The rising domestic demand, coupled with drop in export, continues to set the trend for the pepper market. The current market trend of pepper presents an opportunity for investors to meet this demand and earn huge profits.

Investors can partner with Oxford International Group in the production and trading of Pepper to meet both the local and international demand for Pepper and earn high returns.

Turmeric Farm

Turmeric also known as the ‘golden spice of life’ is majorly used in cooking to add color and flavor to seafood, pickles, rice dishes, and others. In addition, it is widely used to make medicines, cosmetic products, and colorants for food products & textiles. Wide applications of turmeric such as in home remedies, cosmetic products, food products have driven the market of the global turmeric market. 

The global market for Turmeric estimated at 1.1 Million Metric Tonnes in the year 2020, is projected to reach a revised size of 1.5 Million Metric Tonnes by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 3.9% over the period 2020-2027.

Nigeria is the fourth largest producer of turmeric with about 3% of the global with annual production of 31,000 metric tons as reported by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture.

With an increase in the demand for turmeric from western and Asian countries, there is a big opportunity for Nigeria to take advantage of the emerging openings in turmeric exports.

Nigeria can play a leading role in turmeric production considering the prevailing favourable soil and climatic conditions in the country. Despite this, its potential has not been fully tapped as the techniques needed for its production have not been properly understood by the farmers which have led to low production.

Cultivation of Turmeric has a lot of economic potentials for Nigeria, considering that it is part of a global $13.7BN spice market, especially as a major foreign exchange channel for a country like ours to grow its non-oil export.

Oxford International Group has deployed cutting edge cultivation techniques that has led to increase in yield and quality. These techniques have led us to become a leading producer of Turmeric. With adequate storage facilities, we are set to take maximum advantage of the opportunities in the Turmeric market.

Oxford International Group presents an opportunity for investors to partner with us in the cultivation and trading of Turmeric and earn high returns.

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